This is a 1 day certificate course.

This course is available for professional Therapists looking to upskill and to offer an incredibly luxurious and unique treatment especially tailored to their individual clients. Students must hold a recognised diploma in A & P and Massage to be eligible to attend this course. 


***Hot Stone Massage***

Hot Stone Massage has increased in popularity in recent years. It involves the use of smooth basalt stones that are heated to a certain temperature and they are both layed on the body and used in the Therapists hands as the Massage is performed. The stones absorb and retain heat, this direct heat relaxes the muscles helping to ease tension, boost circulation and it recharges energy levels within the body enhancing relaxation and creating a sense of calm.


 Hot Stone Massage dates back to ancient cultures and was re-introduced in 1993 by Mary Nelson from Arizona who said, "We believe that with this treatment that one stroke with a stone is ten times deeper and lasts ten times longer than traditional techniques".


At Therapeutic Treats Holistic Therapies Training we teach Hot Stone Massage by integrating it into traditional Massage where students learn the energetic work with the stones and the chakras, upholding ancient traditions which are origins of this therapy.